Forum and Video Options for WordPress

I did some research today with regards to forum and video options that WordPress offers as well as some other non-WordPress options for these two things.  My research is below.  Please let me know if I made an error or misrepresented anything.



Option #1: VideoPress:

  • All VideoPress videos are stored on the servers.
  • Pricing is by space used.  There is a base charge of $60/year, which includes 3 GB of storage.  Additional storage can be purchased at the rate of
    5GB for $19.97
    15GB for $49.97
    25GB for $89.97
    50GB for $159.97
    100GB for $289.97
  • VideoPress should work similar to any other streaming video behind a firewall.  If a user is able to stream YouTube videos, then he should be able to stream VideoPress.  Of course, the IT folks might need to make an exception to their site-blocking list for’s servers.

Option #2: WordPress video upload feature


Option 1: Forum Software such as phpBB, Vanilla, or punBB.
Pros: Open source; Robust options; Traditional forum software
Cons: Requires a separate installation; Users are not integrated with the WordPress user database; Works like traditional forum software; Requires extra time to customize; No threaded comments

Option 2: Simple-Press (
Pros: WordPress plugin; User database is the same as WordPress; Integrates with WordPress theme
Cons: Requires a bit of customization; No threaded comments

Option 3: WordPress post comments
Pros: Already installed with WordPress; Intuitive interface for replying to posts/comments; Completely integrated with WordPress; Easily manage discussions; Includes threaded comments
Cons: Requires a bit of customization; Requires a bit of design and usability planning

Option 4: BuddyPress Forums (
Pros: Easily set up group forums with access restrictions; Integrates nicely with WordPress; Plugin maintained by WordPress
Cons: No threaded comments