The First Plugin I Install When I Launch a WordPress Site

I invested what my wife would describe as “way too much time” this last weekend making some significant improvements to my TMM Dashboard Customizations WordPress plugin.

To be honest, I wasn’t using it, and I think it might be nice to have a plugin that helps me with the initial configuration of a WordPress website (especially speeding up things that are nice-to-haves in the setup process).

This plugin does a number of things:

  1. It removes all the junk from the WordPress dashboard.
  2. It displays my blog feed on the WordPress dashboard.
  3. It removes the WordPress logo from the top-left of /wp-admin/.
  4. It displays a “Help” panel with my contact info on the WordPress dashboard.
  5. It asks me to install of a handful of plugins I use on almost every site (Google Analytics, SEO, etc.). (via TGM Plugin Activation plugin)
  6. It adds functionality to edit the login logo and login background image.
  7. It makes the wp-login.php page cooler out of the box.

Basically, it helps me to do the things I need to do (SEO, Google Analytics) and also helps me do some things I am too lazy to do (login styles, remove junk from the WordPress dashboard).

It stays up-to-date the WordPress way that you already understand by requiring and using afragen’s Github Updater plugin.

Feel free to fork TMM Dashboard Customizations on Github to:

  • Swap in your blog feed url
  • Add your contact info.
  • Add additional required plugins.
  • Surprise me!

See images below.


Ain’t life grand?  Well…mostly? – My dad



Toby Cryns

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