Example Real-World Usage of a WordPress Landing Page for Sales

“Which car would you like to test drive?” the salesperson at the dealership asked me.

He assumed I had done some research prior to arriving and that I was there to buy.


How Small Businesses Get It Wrong

When I arrived, the car salesperson didn’t say, “Go stand on that hill and look at our selection, and then email me if you have questions.”

When you send people to your website’s homepage, you are telling people to go stand on the hill.  It’s a wasted opportunity.

Homepages are the opposite of helpful to your prospects after you’ve spoken to them.

Your Homepage is for Before You Met Them.

Your website homepage needs generic copy, because it’s your introduction to people.

Once people meet you, they should never see your home page again.

Landing Pages are for After You’ve Spoken to Them

After the test drive, the car salesperson asked, “Do you have kids?”, “How far from home do you work?”, “What is your current car?”, “What is the most annoying thing about your current car?”

He was learning more and more about me so he could enhance his pitch and get me excited to buy.

That’s what your landing pages do: They get the prospect ready to buy.

They build trust, because when prospects read them they feel like you understand their unique needs.

  • My home page asks, “Want to chat about your WordPress website?”
  • My landing pages say, “Based on what I’ve learned on our call, you would feel so much better if you had this product for these reasons…”


After we’ve met via phone, I send you to a WordPress landing page that answers all of your questions and inspires you to take the next step (which for me is usually signing up for one of my products).

You get a custom message that meets you where you are right now in the sales process and moves you one step further down the pipeline.

Nothing is Quicker than Custom WordPress Landing Pages

And here’s the kicker: If the landing page doesn’t yet exist, I create it!

WordPress is built for landing pages!

Here’s a real-world WordPress landing page example that I use for people who purchase our most popular product, Website Amazing:

  1. On the initial qualifying phone call, I learn that Website Amazing will be a great fit for the their business.
  2. I follow up via email with a link to my Website Amazing landing page.
  3. I follow up and close the deal…


Is this helpful?  Got questions?  Let me know!

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