Don’t Be Afraid of Git Merges!

I admit it. I was afraid of git merges. There, I said it. But no more!

After years of biffing git merges (and I’m talking colossal merge fails), I finally made a perfect git merge yesterday.  And, trust me, if I can do it, you can do it.  It was exhilarating in a way that most coders will understand (like that moment when after 3 days of gut-wrenching trial-and-error troubleshooting a code bug, you finally realize there’s a missing apostrophe on line #324).  I finally cracked the puzzle.  It was wonderful!

For those who are struggling with your git merges, just follow these instructions.

p.s. I know that many of my colleagues in the coding and design business have yet to embrace git as a code management tool.  Strangely, many of those same people have embraced CSS pre-processors as critical to their workflow (still afraid of pre-processors, myself…).  If you are someone who benefits from SASS, you will definitely benefit from git (and probably vice-versa as well, but whatever…haha).  😉

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