How To Build Your List with WordPress and Mailchimp (FREE online lunch-n-learn!)

Ever wanted to set up an email drip campaign, deliver a course via email, or offer one of those list-builder popups on your WordPress website?

In this online lunch-n-learn, we’ll go through the step-by-step basics of adding these features to your WordPress site as well as how to get everything connected on the Mailchimp end of things. Pretty soon, you’ll be building your credibility and offering high-value content to your leads, literally, while you sleep!

This will be the perfect overview for the busy, mildly-techie business owner who just wants the nuts and bolts without the fluff.

FREE to attend, and I promise you this will not be a pitch. Just some how-to sharing followed by about 15 minutes of Q&A and conversation. And all while you enjoy your lunch! We’ll share the screenshare link with you closer to the event.

1. Overview of the tools (WordPress + Mailchimp)
2. Configuring an e-book/pdf Mailchimp + WordPress opt-in popup.
3. Configuring an opt-in online email series/course in Mailchimp + WordPress.
4. Q&A

IMPORTANT NOTE: This event will be recorded and shared publicly at a later date (likely on, youtube, etc.). By attending, you are consenting to our sharing anything you say or contribute during the session.

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p.s. Check out my Free Beginner WordPress Course By Email to experience an example of what you can create with Mailchimp + WordPress!