Discover Your Business Next Steps Using EOS/Traction, with Mark Francis

“How do I take my business to the next level?”

“How do I build my team?”

Growing your small business starts with planning for greatness. And that’s where EOS/Traction comes in!

EOS Integrator, Mark Francis will help you set the table for 2019 by creating a simplified yet powerful strategic plan.

In two pages and eight questions you can define your company’s vision and how to get there.

This interactive “Small Business Breakthrough!” Meetup is designed to walk anyone from solopreneurs to established businesses through the Entrepreneurial Operating System®’s (EOS®) Vision/Traction Organizer™. and help them become clear on their vision as well as keys to execution.

This Meetup is presented by Mark Francis who brings a unique EOS perspective as a former self-implementer, Integrator and Professional EOS Implementer®. He specializes in working with small companies as a Fractional Integrator by helping business owners bring order to the day-to-day, freeing them up to work on the big things and getting the company to the next level.