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My computer was becoming slower and slower recently – like a tired tortoise – and I couldn’t quite figure out why. Yesterday I looked at the “Activity” view on my computer – the one that shows which apps are hogging all the resources – and it was clear there was a culprit: Google Chrome browser. It was sucking up the bulk of my computer’s resources at any given moment. So, what the hey? – I gave Firefox a try.

toby cryns 2008 1 scaled
Me back in 2007 when I used Firefox
Photo courtesy of Charlie Miller

It’s been many years since I last used Firefox as my primary browser. I used to love it back in the days before Chrome existed (Chrome was released in 2008), and I used Firefox through 2009 UNTIL…(dun dun duuuuun)…it slowed my computer down considerably! Chrome solved that speed bottleneck at that time. But that was 2009.

Yesterday, after simply closing the Chrome browser, I noticed a considerable speed boost on my computer. Apps are opening faster, key touches are more responsive – it’s basically the computer I thought I had purchased a year ago!

Notable Firefox Features:

Which is better: Chrome or Firefox?

If your computer is running slowly, you could do worse than giving ol’ Firefox a spin. So far, I’ve found it has sped up my computer considerably while not losing any functionality vs Chrome.

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