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Change the Sort Order of the “Better Blogroll” WordPress Plugin

By / September 11, 2009 / Comments Off on Change the Sort Order of the “Better Blogroll” WordPress Plugin

The Better Blogroll WordPress plugin sorts your links randomly.  There is no built-in option to change this.  BUT, if you are willing to delete a couple of words from the plugin’s core file, you can hook it into My Link Order or any other link ordering methods you might be using.  To stop the random…

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“Books I Am Reading” Plugin Extends “Now Reading Reloaded”

By / August 21, 2009 / Comments Off on “Books I Am Reading” Plugin Extends “Now Reading Reloaded”

I had a quandry today.  I needed some functionality not provided in a plugin.  The question: Do I edit the “Now Reading Reloaded” WordPress plugin, or do I build a plugin that extends it?  I chose the latter, and this is why: Normally when i want to customize an existing plugin, I will edit the…

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Twitter Hashtag Plugin

By / July 29, 2009 /

Today, I had a request to display a Twitter feed based on Twitter hashtags rather than on the customary Twitter username on a client’s WordPress website.  I had never done this before with hashtags, and quickly discovered that there aren’t a lot of hashtag WordPress plugins in the WordPress plugin repository. After a quick search…

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Include/Exclude Category from WordPress wp_get_archives()

By / July 22, 2009 /

For some reason, WordPress’ “wp_get_archives()” function does not allow us to include or exclude categories by default.  This is weird, because many other WordPress hooks include this basic functionality. Thankfully, after struggling for a bit today, I discovered this plugin that solves the issue.  It hooks directly into the WordPress core, so customizing is a…

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BuddyPress Installed!

By / July 8, 2009 / Comments Off on BuddyPress Installed!

I completed my first BuddyPress installation today on a test server after experiencing a BIG fail trying to get it installed on a friend’s site (Sorry, Jeff!). It seems his HostGator account doesn’t like WordPress MU for some reason. But MY HostGator account likes it plenty! Below is my reaction to the installation process. Not…

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