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BackupBuddy – 1st Experience

By The Mighty Mo! Design Co. / August 31, 2011 / Comments Off on BackupBuddy – 1st Experience

Tonight I utilized BackupBuddy to migrate a WordPress installation from a live server to a local install using MAMP on my Mac.  It was my first attempt at a BackupBuddy migration and took about 5 minutes to complete. The process was intuitive and easy.  Earlier in the evening, I attempted to do a manual move…

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Creating an Online Library for MP3s Using WordPress

By The Mighty Mo! Design Co. / April 25, 2011 / Comments Off on Creating an Online Library for MP3s Using WordPress

I am moving forward with the creation of a WordPress theme/plugin that will help me to archive all of the music that my family and I have created over the years.  I figure we have 1,000+ mp3s to store between us. Figuring out a good way to organize the data is one of the big…

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User Activation Keys Plugin Displaying Error

By / October 22, 2010 / Comments Off on User Activation Keys Plugin Displaying Error

I have spent the last 6 hours figuring this out, so I hope y’all can save yourselves some headaches by way of this post. When using the User Activation Keys plugin and trying to “approve” an account, my BuddyPress site was giving me this error: Fatal error: Call to undefined function bp_page_title() in /home/ mydomainuser/public_html/mydomain.org/wp-content/plugins/buddypress/…

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MIMA Summit WordPress Geekout

By / September 28, 2010 / Comments Off on MIMA Summit WordPress Geekout

Peter Fleck and I are going to be rocking the WordPress Geekout at MIMA Summit in just a few minutes.  The format will be wide-open discussion and sharing of WordPress fanciness. While we hope that the crowd generates most of the content of the session, we have some ideas on the backburner just in case…

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Simple Pull Quote Plugin Upgraded!

By / March 18, 2010 /

I upgraded my WordPress plugin, Simple Pull Quote, officially today, and it is now available for download from the WordPress Plugin Repository. The biggest new feature is that you need only type &#91pullquote&#93Your pullquote here&#91/pullquote&#93 to use pullquotes.  What’s more, there is now a button in both the Visual and HTML editors to insert the…

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