Calendar Plugin Update

By The Mighty Mo! Design Co. / October 3, 2011 / Comments Off on Calendar Plugin Update

We are making the best calendar plugin we can fathom.  Adrienne and I have been meeting weekly to check in on each other’s updates in this regard.  Updates this week include: We have a name for the plugin!  It is still top-secret until we get some branding done, but rest assured, it will be cowboy-tastic!…

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BackupBuddy – 1st Experience

By The Mighty Mo! Design Co. / August 31, 2011 / Comments Off on BackupBuddy – 1st Experience

Tonight I utilized BackupBuddy to migrate a WordPress installation from a live server to a local install using MAMP on my Mac.  It was my first attempt at a BackupBuddy migration and took about 5 minutes to complete. The process was intuitive and easy.  Earlier in the evening, I attempted to do a manual move…

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JavaScript Frameworks Infographic

By The Mighty Mo! Design Co. / August 8, 2011 / Comments Off on JavaScript Frameworks Infographic

It is always good to know where you stand in terms of your coding libraries. Nobody wants to ride a dying trend, after all. This infographic shows how jQuery compares to other frameworks (click for bigger image). The above infographic comes courtesy of

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A Fresh Look at a Calendar Plugin in WordPress

By The Mighty Mo! Design Co. / July 25, 2011 /

I have been completely unsatisfied with all of the calendar plugins that I have tried.  None do a good job on the usability front. So, I will be building my own calendar plugin.  It’ll be a fresh look at calendaring in WordPress. I need your thoughts and ideas.  I would like this to be the…

Read More – A Fork of Twenty Ten WordPress Theme

By The Mighty Mo! Design Co. / June 23, 2011 / Comments Off on – A Fork of Twenty Ten WordPress Theme

In 24 hours, my team at The Nerdery’s Overnight Website Challenge produced an amazing website for Project 515.  Out of 18 teams, we placed in the top 4 (they give an award to #1 and then #2-4 are given the label, ‘finalists’). The new Project 515 website is among the finest I have participated in…

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