WordPress Twenty Thirteen Theme

By The Mighty Mo! Design Co. / March 13, 2013 / Comments Off on WordPress Twenty Thirteen Theme

The new default WordPress theme, Twenty Thirteen, is in production!   It is bold and features some fab orange and brown colors. My initial impression was that it was too bold to be useful on a large scale.  But I think that bold is good, because it highlights the rarely used post formats more than…

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How to Alphabetize Group Listings in BuddyPress

By The Mighty Mo! Design Co. / February 20, 2012 / Comments Off on How to Alphabetize Group Listings in BuddyPress

Today I wanted to make my BuddyPress “All Groups” page order groups alphabetically rather than by most recently updated. It turns out the solution was quite simple, provided you are comfortable editing theme code. To change the order of the groups, open “your-child-theme/groups/groups-loop.php” in a text editor, and swap out line #16 as follows: Replace…

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WordPress TwentyTen Accordion Child Theme

By The Mighty Mo! Design Co. / April 15, 2011 / Comments Off on WordPress TwentyTen Accordion Child Theme

I was playing around with jQuery UI and WordPress over the weekend and built this simple, accordion child theme of TwentyTen.  Of course, I also maintain “The Mighty Moo!“, a custom accordion WordPress theme. The theme, called “The Mighty Accordion“, and it is awesomely simple and elegant.  It does not add any styles and instead…

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WordPress Calorie Intake Counter Theme

By The Mighty Mo! Design Co. / December 28, 2010 /

Let’s just say my pants have been struggling to keep up with my width. I need to start looking at my diet. So, I thought this would be a great time to utilize custom post types from within a WordPress theme.  The goal would be to create a theme that tracks: Foods that I eat…

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Alternative to 37 Signals’ Highrise: A WordPress Theme

By / October 11, 2010 /

In case you missed my last post, I believe we can build a simple WordPress theme that rivals 37 Signals’ Highrise application in terms of functionality and ease of use. I got so excited about the prospects of building that theme that I stayed up all night working on it.  It is currently working well,…

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