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Dreamhost vs. HostGator (HostGator is Better)

By / June 18, 2009 /

I have been a Dreamhost customer for a few years now, and wasn’t completely satisfied with their service.  Here’s why: Dreamhost’s servers are slow (a.k.a. web pages take forever to load).  Actually, I have read that not ALL of their servers are slow, BUT definitely the server that I am on is slow. Dreamhost Support…

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The Way Matt Mullenweg (Founder of WordPress) Works

By / June 17, 2009 / Comments Off on The Way Matt Mullenweg (Founder of WordPress) Works

photo credit: Bob Jagendorf I think every freelancer has a totally unique working style.  For example, I tend to wake up with the sun and work straight on through evening, with a break or two for food, exercise, and music. Rarely do I work later than midnight. My friend, Charlie, works in hyper-ridiculous spurts where…

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To BBPress or Not to BBPress – That is the question.

By / June 12, 2009 / Comments Off on To BBPress or Not to BBPress – That is the question.

I am intrigued by BBPress.  I want to use it so bad that it hurts.  No offense to PhpBB, Vanilla, [insert open source forum tool here], but I want something that integrates with WordPress easily and seamlessly. When BBPress started releasing alpha releases of Version 1.0 back in August ’08, my spirits rose!  But here…

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WordPress 2.8 Released!!!

By / June 11, 2009 / Comments Off on WordPress 2.8 Released!!!

I have been anxiously awaiting the release of WordPress 2.8, and finally the wait is over! The most interesting new feature to me is the new Widgets API, which will allow plugin developers like me to more easily do our thing! Check out other new features in this video:

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New, WordPress Site, is Rolling!

By / June 10, 2009 / Comments Off on New, WordPress Site, is Rolling!

I am excited and proud to have contributed my WordPress skillz to the legendary Rule29 web shop with the new Where Am I Wearing? website!  The site is built on the WordPress framework and features just about every cool widget that you can imagine.  I was responsible for translating the design into code and had…

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