BuddyPress Installed!

I completed my first BuddyPress installation today on a test server after experiencing a BIG fail trying to get it installed on a friend’s site (Sorry, Jeff!). It seems his HostGator account doesn’t like WordPress MU for some reason. But MY HostGator account likes it plenty! Below is my reaction to the installation process.

  • Not simple. The installation process for BuddyPress was not simple.  In fact, it was downright confusing at times, especially when I was trying to integrate BBPress (to take advantage of BuddyPress “Groups”)
  • …But not all that difficult.  So the above complaining aside, I was actually able to get BuddyPress up-and-running without much difficulty in 30 minutes.  If you intend to install this software, make sure to follow these instructions!
  • BBPress, a.k.a. “Groups”, was more confusing to get working than it was difficult.  The instructions are clearly laid out, but the disjointed manner in which you have to install BBPress to get some core functionality of BuddyPress to work is kind of weird.

Basically, I stand by my earlier statement and confirm that BuddyPress rocks.  It will, very shortly, be a competitor to Ning.  But at present, it is software that you will need to hire a web guy to install for you.  That is to say that it requires a lot of ftp’ing and moving folders around on the server.  Put simply, it is still in “early adopter” phase.  BUT, I will say that the actual interface and functionality is QUITE powerful.  Give it a go yourself!