BuddyPress Help Needed!

I need some help with a BuddyPress installation that I am working on.  Specifically:

I need a BuddyPress/WPMU plugin that creates a sidebar widget that:

  • Has a “Title” field that will display/echo on the front-end
  • Has a drop-down option selector/list that will be populated with all of the BuddyPress group names.
  • Allows the back-end user to select a  group from a drop-down list
  • On the front end, it will display all of the member avatars from the group that is selected in the drop-down menu on the back-end
  • Back-End Screen Shot:

    BuddyPress Plugin Back end jpeg

    BuddyPress Widget Back-End View

  • Front-End Screen Shot:

    BuddyPress Plugin Front End jpeg

    BuddyPress Widget Front-End View

Interested?  If so, email me at toby (at) themightymo.com or call 612-293-8629.

I look forward to hearing from you!