Best WordPress Migration Plugin is Migrate Guru

I’ve migrated hundreds, maybe thousands of WordPress sites over the last decade+ in the biz, and the best migration plugin I’ve discovered is the FREE version of Migrate Guru (as of today – Oct. 26, 2020).

I recently stumbled upon this gem while being flummoxed by Pressable’s incompatibility with every other migration plugin I tried to use. Oh sure, Pressable is able to provide a simple migration path to their service, but just try to migrate away – it’s a pain in the neck! Thankfully, during LOTS of trial-and-error and testing different WordPress migration plugins, I unearthed Migrate Guru.

FYI: To migrate to Siteground and other non-default hosts, you’ll need to click the “FTP” option within the plugin. I hope this helps you in your travels!

p.s. This is not an affiliate link, and I’m not making any money when you click – just providing some sound advice that’ll hopefully save you headaches!

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