Best Fly to Cart and Side Cart WooCommerce Plugin

A customer of ours is launching a WooCommerce site soon, and I’ve been testing out some “Fly to Cart” and “Side Cart” plugins for them. By default WooCommerce has a very basic checkout experience where oftentimes it’s not clear that I’ve actually added anything to the cart at all. Here’s what “fly to cart” looks like in practice:

fly to cart woocommerce
Example of “fly to cart” (via CodePen)

Here’s an example of a side cart in WooCommerce:

side cart woocommerce
Side Cart WooCommerce Example

WP Clever’s free sidecart plugin works beautifully out of the box but doesn’t include the animation effect. To get the “fly to cart” animation effect, you’ll have to pony up $19 for Xootix’s premium version of Sidecart for WooCommerce plugin.

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