Add A Column For Custom Taxonomies To Custom Post Type

Tonight I needed to add a column for a custom taxonomy to my “all posts” view of a custom post type. It turns out that WordPress 3.5 made this easy with the show_admin_column parameter for taxonomies.

In my case, I was using Custom Post Type UI to generate the post types and taxonomies, so I could not manually add that parameter. But, have no fear, there is a filter that is easy enough to drop into functions.php of my theme. My code follows:

add_filter( 'manage_taxonomies_for_cards_columns', 'activity_type_columns' );
function activity_type_columns( $taxonomies ) {
    $taxonomies[] = 'card_id';
    return $taxonomies;

In my case, “cards” is my custom post type slug, and “card_id” is my custom taxonomy. So, you will need to change “manage_taxonomies_for_cards_columns” to “manage_taxonomies_for_INSERTPOSTTYPESLUGHERE_columns” and change “card_id” to your taxonomy slug.

Here’s what it looks like in action:

custom post type

Pretty sweet!

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