We are a different type of company, because:

  1. We help you work smarter. (i.e. We have a business-first approach, not a technology-first approach.)
  2. We respect your time. (i.e. We answer the phone & respond to your emails in a timely manner.)
  3. We make better use of all our time.  (i.e. We build quickly and iterate quickly & look for quick wins.)
  4. We are there for you when you need us most. (i.e. Website down emergencies, hacked sites, etc.)
  5. We check our egos at the door and relish the unglamorous work of helping you run your digital business.  (i.e. Securing your website investment, making your site load faster, and connecting the dots between your team, members, users, sales, and your website.)
  6.  You get more out of your investment. (i.e. You will always speak with someone with a decade+ of experience helping small businesses make more sales & generate more leads.)
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  9. Learn more about me.

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