Toby Cryns

Chief Technology Officer, WP Doctor

Hello! I'm Toby Cryns, the guy who runs The Mighty Mo!

With nearly two decades of experience in web technology and a passionate curiosity of all sorts of technologies, marketing, and business practices, I'm here to help you deliver amazing things to your customers, users, and clients.

Diverse and Community-Minded Experiences

Like many of the people I collaborate with on web technologies, my path has been anything but conventional.  It includes managing the news desk at ABC Network News in L.A., covering high school sports for a daily print newspaper, running a successful political campaign for State Representative in Illinois, and serving as Student Life Manager at the University of Minnesota.

These diverse experiences have given me a unique perspective on technology and its role in our lives.

My curiosity extends beyond the digital world. In addition to being a Block Leader in Minneapolis and father of 3 kiddos (and husband), I'm an active member of our local community:

A Vision for a Calm, Resilient Business Future

The Mighty Mo! is not just about websites.  We're about building

a calm, sustainable future for your business and ours.

That's why I am available to all of our customers via phone
and email - If I can help clear a tech or human blocker for you,
I will!