6 Quick Website Wins You Can Achieve Today!

FYI, This is a quick summary of a longer and more in-depth article that can be found here.

6 FREE & Quick Digital/Business/Website Wins You Can Achieve Today!

  1. Get a quick, cheap website from Google via Google My Business.
  2. Local SEO via Google My Business: It’ll take you 10 minutes, and you’ll show up higher on mobile searches!  FREE!  Quick!
  3. Email List: Start building your email list!  Get a free Mailchimp.com account, then copy-and-paste the “signup” embed code into your WordPress site.  That’s it!
  4. Google Analytics: Create a free Google Analytics account, install the free Monster Insights WordPress plugin, configure the plugin in your WordPress, and rock on!
  5. Install & Configure the free Jetpack WordPress plugin.  Activate just about everything it offers to improve page speed, functionality, and security.
  6. Install & Configure Yoast SEO WordPress plugin.  This does all the basic stuff that Google asks of us.

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